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Talk : Love Apparatus

Speaker : Fabrizio Poltronieri

Can apparatus love? We don’t know for sure, but surely they can say things about love!

This artist talk will reflect on the development of the artwork featured as part of last year's ART-AI Festival.  “#LoveApparatus” (@apparatus_love) was installed at the Highcross Shopping Centre and delivered generative love text aphorisms based on postings to the twitter account “@apparatus_love”.

The public were able to interact with the apparatus by tweeting using the hashtag “#LoveApparatus”.  The work itself, analyses the public contributions using an algorithm to identify its level of ‘loveliness’, and the ones with a high score are fed into the network to generate future love quotes.

Fabrizio will be discussing the process of combining scrapping techniques, neural networks – using machine learning, an artificial intelligence technique – and his use of a social network account.

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