ART-AI Festival Locations 2019

The Art AI Festival 2019 comprises a selection of artworks and activities that demonstrate a range of different practices with creative artificial intelligence. The artworks and installations have been placed in public venues around the city centre, are open to everyone and entirely FREE to view.

To give you a chance to reflect on the artworks and some of the interesting questions they each pose, we have devised a recommended walking trail that also gives you a chance to take in some of Leicester's iconic landmarks. We recommend you download the map as an image to follow.  You could consider, for example, questions such as how are each of the artworks using AI differently? What is the nature of AI that is being used by the artist? What questions are the artists raising by using AI in the way they have?

We hope you enjoy the artworks and we very much welcome your feedback on the work and its broader implications for creative practice as well as more generally for society - please do take the time to complete our survey here.

We would like to extend our thanks to all the venues for their generous support and participation in hosting the Festival artworks this year.

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