Anna Fusté

Anna Fuste is a creative technologist originally from Barcelona. She is currently a Research Assistant at MIT Medialab, at the Living Mobile research group. Her research is focused on trying to break the digital duality between the physical world and the virtual world always considering the user as the center of the interaction. She is interested in developing and improving technologies that can help people in their everyday lives. Her projects involve Augmented Reality for learning and creativity, data visualization, tangible and social interactions.

Prior to the MIT Medialab, Anna worked at Cinimod Studio as a Creative Software Developer and Technical Manager, where she was involved in the creation of several interactive digital artworks that have been presented at high-end art fairs such as PAD London, The Salon NY and Art Basel. She also worked as a Creative Technologist at the Google Creative Lab. She developed three AR Experiments: Paper CubesDraw&Dance and Invisible Highway.

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