Welcome to the Art-AI Festival and site!

We are delighted to present our Festival Programme, and look forward to seeing you at one or more of our events over the course of two-weeks, many of which are FREE!  We look forward to a wide-ranging discussion on the role of AI in arts, or more generally in our everyday lives.

The inspiration for our programme has been the significant increase in media attention on AIs over the last few months.  We aim to bust a few myths and illustrate the scope of the technology as it stands today.  To do this, our programme comprises provocative installations that challenge you to think about the role of the AIs: Poltronieri’s #LoveApparatus poses the question, can an AI love you? and Yoldas’ Kitty AI shows you how an AI can go ‘bad’ and take over the world!  HumanMachine is an AI Improv performance by Mirowski’s alter ego, Albert, with AI robot A.L.ex – their performance illustrates the scope of the technology from which the audience will be invited to decide if the robot passes the Turing Test, which evaluates whether a machine can demonstrate human-like intelligence in words, thoughts and actions.

Throughout the Festival, artists and curators will present their overview of the challenges of working with AIs in different domains and its current application to the arts, such as Poltronieri (Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort), Elliott (independent curator and advisor to World Economic Forum on AI in creative industries), Roberts (Birmingham researcher-curator) and Ashton (curator). MIT Medialab’s Fuste presents Paper Cubes (for children 7-12yrs), a project supported by Google. Robot Maze (for children 3-7yrs) provides a drop-in opportunity for younger people to learn about the basics in a hands-on family-oriented workshop. A short film season tops and tails our programme including, among others, the original Ghost in the Shell, the iconic anime by Oshii that portrays man and machine as one, and AlphaGo, a docu-drama that illustrates the real potential of AIs today.

Do get in touch and give us your feedback (via any of the social media channels), or feel free to ask questions that we will try to answer on the Festival blog.

You can contact the lead organizer at – tharwood@dmu.ac.uk, @tgharwood or @ioct_dmu

on behalf of the Festival Team, we hope you enjoy the Festival!

Tracy Harwood, Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University

Luba Elliott, independent

Chris Tyrer, Phoenix

Tina Barton, Highcross Shopping Centre

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